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Do you know why you need Twitter?

Do you know that at this very moment, millions of people are marketing their services, their products or themselves on Twitter?
Almost every successful business is sharing its latest updates and every major business owner is sharing his views and ideas on this social platform; because they all know that they can brand their product in a better way on Twitter than anywhere else.
Businesses use Twitter Marketing to develop their brand and people use it to stay connected with the stuff and people they like. So, there is no way you can ignore its importance.

So, how seriously are you taking Twitter?

Before you get back to you Twitter account and see how is it working, you need to know that just being on Twitter is not enough. You need to keep your services updated and communication going to retain your loyal subscribers. Only this way you can build a stronger brand and a loyal lineage of customers.
If you really want to take your business to a new level and turn it into a brand, you need TwitterBotVN to do the job for you.
TwitterBotVN is a state-of-the-art Twitter management system that gives you complete control over your marketing campaigns, allows you to follow-back your new followers, un-follow the ones who aren’t followingyou, do custom searches on you defined keywords, and come back with a healthy database of regular Tweeters, AUTOMATICALLY!

With TWITTERBOTVN, Managing Twitter Was Never Easier!

With an easy to understand user interface and even easier to use tools, you can micro manage your Twitter Marketing campaigns to the masses without ever feeling tired or frustrated.
    • Do you know that Twitter has more than 500 million users and the count is increasing every day?
    • Do you know that Twitter is the most popular social media for brand development and gaining customers, even more popular that FaceBook?
    • Do you know that a majority of high-end customers are the ones who follow different brands and names use Twitter to share and take ideas?
  • Do you know that every major business and every serious e-socialite is giving more importance to twitter than any other social platform?

If You Are NOT taking Twitter Seriously, You are Losing a Major Part of Your Business

With the help of TWITTERBotVN, you can revolutionize your Twitter existence and develop your brand in a snap.
TWITTERBotVN is completely customizable to your needs and thats not all, it understands you and handles your twitter accounts accordingly. It analyzes your keywords and searches for people having the same interests based on their tweets and hashes they follow.
You can search for people based on keywords, phrases, hash tags, users and even personal information, add them in your friends list, sort them and even import and exports lists based on your searches. TWITTERBotVN allows you gain control over huge database, all at a click of a button.
It takes tweets from your predefined tweet directory and communicates with your existing and new followers, giving them a natural feel, marketing your product or service and developing a larger base of followers.
That’s not all, it will send custom direct messages to you new followers, keeping them busy whether you are on your system or not.

Once you customize TWITTERBotVN to your needs, all you do is sit back and see it work

Don’t worry if you are going out of town for a few days or you have a busy schedule and cannot look after your twitter campaigns for extended durations; AutoTWBot allows scheduled tasks several days/weeks/months in advance so that you carry on with your other errands while it handles your twitter account.

Still not sure about TWITTERBotVN ? Go through its screen shots and see it in action.
You will start loving it.


With the AutoTWBot software, you get to have free updates for the rest of your life, 24/7 customer support and amazing 50% Discount if you place your order now!

Yes, you got it right; the latest version TwitterBotvn is available for Half the Price for a limited period; for just $29!
Already hundreds of users are using Twitterbotvn and have changed their Twitter existence forever, what are you waiting for.
If you order Twitterbotvn v4 now, you get the complete software with all the latest features, for just $29, which is an unbeatable offer.
Once you complete and confirm you order, you will get a download link to download it in your computer and you can start using it right away.
TwitterBotVn comes with a 7-day no questions asked refund policy. Place your order now and check it out for yourself for the whole week. If you are not satisfied (which you never will!) ask for a refund and you get your money back.



Automatic Tasks
When you run AutoTWBot it will execute every 15 minutes (customizable) automatic twitter tasks. Simply run AutoTWBot in the background to execute non-stop automatic Twitter activities.
Here’s a list of the Automatic Twitter Tasks AutoTWBot can do:
  • Automatic Follow Back New Followers
  • Automatic Unfollow Users Not Following You
  • Automatic Add Targeted Users
  • Automatic Direct Message New Followers
  • Automatic Random Tweeting
  • Automatic Follow Back
  • Automatically follow back new followers to expand your Twitter network! Every time a new follower is detected with AutoTWBot V4 your Twitter account will automatically follow back that new follower. Effective for growth and getting involved with potential prospects. Build new contacts!
  • Automatic Unfollow
  • AutoTWBot can automatically unfollow Twitter users that aren’t following you after a certain period of days. This avoids following people that aren’t reading your tweets. Great for keeping your friends list clean and active!
  • Automatic Add Targeted Users
  • This automatic feature allows AutoTWBot to search for tweets provided by the user’s keywords and automatically follow a certain number of people. Great for following targeted Twitter users to get involved with their conversations and build new connections. Also the majority of user’s you follow on Twitter Today will follow you back in good intent.
  • Automatic Random Tweeting
  • Keep your timeline active with this automatic task. AutoTWBot can post random tweets from a selected text file on each automatic execution.
  • Automatic Direct Message New Followers
  • AutoTWBot is capable of sending a custom direct message to all new followers in your Twitter account. Great for thanking your new followers and introducing yourself. Start on a good note!
  • Automatic Friends and Follower Synchronization
  • AutoTWBot V4 uses a compact database to store friends and followers from a Twitter account. This delivers great performance and avoids using Twitter API rate connections. AutoTWBot’s Twitter Data Sync Service keep up to date with any changes from other Twitter clients (example: smartphone or tweetdeck), Twitter automation.
  • Mass Unfollow
  • AutoTWBot users can unfollow their Twitter friends in bulk. Select as many friends as the account has and watch AutoTWBot process automatic unfollows. Save incredible amount of times for large Twitter accounts.
  • Mass Direct Message
  • Need to spread the word? AutoTWBot has the ability to send direct messages to all the followers in a Twitter account. Great new 2014 feature!
  • Mass Follow
  • Mass follow twitter users from a text file or your followers list. Follow more and new friends to get involved with a larger audience!
  • Search Tweets and Users
  • Every Twitter Marketing Software requires a search feature. Users can search for targeted tweets and users to follow. The search results are exportable to Microsoft Excel and text editors for external usage.
  • Twitter Rate Limit Detection
  • AutoTWBot delivers protection against Twitter rate limits to avoid getting banned. This software respects Twitter’s rules and tracks how many Twitter API connections are executed between limit resets. If a detection is reached, AutoTWBot will pause until the time is right to continue send new Twitter tasks.
  • Save multiple profiles
  • The new V4 release allows users to save multiple Twitter account profiles. A great feature to load friends, followers and tweets from other Twitter profiles and export/import the data. Another tip, if you need to mass unfollow Twitter users from multiple accounts you may do so with AutoTWBot. Keep in mind the user needs to switch in between Twitter accounts for task execution.
  • Password Protect your profiles
  • A new feature is password protection for AutoTWBot profiles in case your desktop is shared with other users. AutoTWBot does provide a lot of features and could potential do some harm in the wrong hands. *Request from a fan.






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