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VIBER BOT – viber bulk message sender



                                                                                            viber bulk message sender



For further information please contact

Mr Vu: 0967.783.497
Mr Japan: 0936.156.031
Skype: netbotvn





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Dotnet framework


Viber is an application that allows calls and SMS for free via the Internet has officially available on PC (Windows and Mac), very convenient for the user to manipulate, and economic interests (even if you do not have a smartphone messaging can still make free phone calls to friends).


Viber Bot software has been upgraded to a new version with outstanding features
CONTRACT COSTS = 0: The software helps you advertising message to the entire phone number you want. The process automatically and COMPLETELY FREE!
Enter your phone number from Excel can import a list of EM series of text or excel file.
Needless SIM phone: Just install the software on your computer is sending it, without using SIM phone.
No need USB 3G: No need DCOM or any USB at all, just a list of software + EM is sent.
Using forever: Software purchased 1 time use life, free update!
Install door: Installation instructions take place at the address you requested (in Hanoi and HCM).
Free Support: Support for free after purchase via email, chat, team viewer ….
It is from that very large utilities, the application calls free message has been received numerous users over time, create an application user community is enormous (even in one of the countries, the number of users of these applications are beyond popular Facebook applications).

“The number of smartphone users is increasing. Along with the growing use Viber, leading to huge demand from advertisers: the company, the individual business online, it is necessary first major advertising markets, new. Stemming from such demands, we have perfected Solid and make offers on Viber Adware – Product support users can send advertising messages to all those who use the messaging application this free calling. “


· Using Viber Bot software without interruption, or affect your other work
· Automatically connect to the messaging app free calls, control it on your own.
· Automatically advertising message to all the phone numbers you want.
· Automatically find phone numbers (10,000 numbers)
· Automatically filter and connect the phone number used viber
· It is possible to call and message lists a series for phone numbers from excel file.
· The software installed on the computer, manipulate extremely simple and easy to use.
· Export reports as required
· No need to have a smartphone, you can install and use mass messaging phone calls to clients excel in your list.

· THE INFORMATION AND TO CALL IS ABSOLUTELY FREE. So you can send advertisements to millions and millions of people, at a cost of 0đ (just as the internet has been sent)












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