1. multithreaded
2. proxy support (load locally)
3. deathbycaptcha
5. Customizable ending message for each thread

Run thru
1. Login (pause x-y)
2. Check friend requests (pause x-y) – Add them as friends and have the option to send a small message with it (MeetMe provides this)
3. Check Chat requests (pause x-y) – Code in trigger words and phrases that’ll have the bot respond back with a certain catchphrase
– – If not noticing trigger words and phrases, have it make up some bullshit response(“I’m procrastinating on studying school.”)
– If after 30 seconds no one has responded in that convo, have the bot send the message with URL.
= Choose only 1 convo per thread at a given time
4. After 1 convo finished, ignore that person and go add some friends to your profile (pause x-y)

– not sure if needed for rate limit
4. Have a certain amount of minutes the account can be online until it logs off
5. Have a certain amount of minutes before the account logs back in


Make 2 more splits in the user file. One for proxy:port, and one for final message:


1, i’ll talk to you later visit my website

2. Make an option for how many userids can be online at one time.

3. Let each individual chat run either 5 responses and then send the final message, or 2 minutes then send the final message. Whichever comes first. Then ignore that person’s responses.

4. Once it signs on, make it go to friend requests and add all the friends.

5. Make an option for how many mins each session is to be logged in, then log out, then go to the next userids

6. Once signed in, check friend request each 5 minutes.

Mr Vũ:0967783497
Mr Nhật:0908336851





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