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 Auto post on group have image




 Video demo for send sms auto



Video to help how to filter email address and phone number from facebook



Video to help how to post autumation on group 




1. No friend request, only agreed to make friends with other people, so do not be limited by the number of friends you every day

2. Increase the amount of followers, follower, like on Facebook

3. Increase Fan page like on special ways

4. Functional interaction, like, comment, comment on friends’ posts on Facebook 1 automatically and naturally, scheduled interact, exchange comments with friends to connect with friends on Facebook, have many friends know more

5. Functions like, comment posts of your friends when they comment on, like your posts, help you find your friends on Facebook to connect with them more

6. Search function group, the group on facebook under the desired conditions,

7. Functions of mass participation group, group auto on Facebook

8. The function automatically leave the band, group, do not participate in the group

9. Functions comment, like the article on their Facebook group participated calendar

10. Like, comment Post on Facebook with pictures, emotion icons according to your preferences. No comments yet haphazard, comment right state of facebook users to make sense to the user friendly facebook

11. Send a message (message message) according to the group, or individual sending the friend lists (list you) on facebook

12. Automatically friend in the whole group (auto add group) on Facebook

13. The creation of the event, event messaging Facebook and invite all your friends to attend the event, that event

14. Face Detection function as Facebook friend request identification photographs Friend

15. Poke – tease your friends on Facebook

16. Automatic chat with strangers when they ask, enhance interaction with friends on Facebook

17. Post to group

18. Automatic left the group after posting to the group


Video Demo English Vesion



Remote destop


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