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Nike Bot – Auto add to cart and check out software




is an automated software compatible with all computer based operating systems including but not limited to; Windows OS, Mac OS & Linux. This automated bot will automatically scan Twitter API for a tweet from @Nikestore. Once successfull, the bot will automatically open the link contained in the tweet and proceed to add your desired size to your cart, and will proceed to input your checkout information and check you out successfully on





Video Demo




Windows software

Compatible with 32-bit or 64-bit Windows users. Faster latency than chrome extensions with the use of Winsock technology.
If you have a Mac it will work as well. We can instruct you how.

Twitter API

Detect tweets before it shows up on twitter. Streaming APIs offered by Twitter give developers low latency access to Twitter’s global stream of Tweet data. Snaps the tweet after 0.100 milliseconds.

Autosolves Captcha

Solves Captcha manually or automatically. Captcha is autosolved in 0.2 seconds average. Faster 30 times than average human

Collection Pages Support

Detects links in collection pages. Bot is able to add certain shoe from a collection page.

Countdown Support

Supports newly implemented countdown support. It adds to cart even BEFORE it is available in a browser.

Multiple Nike Accounts

Supports multiple accounts. Profiles are saved automatically.

Fast and Multithreaded

Capable of running multiple tasks simultaneously up to the license limit without hindering overall speed.

Detects Encrypted Tweets

Ability to detect tweets that includes unicodes intentionally by Nike to trick bots.

Success/Failure Logs

A log will be kept in a text file that records all of the bot status which is great for debugging purpose. Please send logs to report any problems that may require a fix.

Express Checkout

Built in browser which directs you to view the cart for each running task. Great for immediate checkout without having to re-login with a internet browser. Reduces the risk of having your shoes removed from cart due to inactivity.

Notification by Text/Email

Sends Text or Email notifications after the shoe it added to cart.

Support for US, EU, CN and JP

Supports US, EU, China and Japan store website.



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