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BotVN’s IT outsourcing services offer business executives transparencies in tracking the project progress and maintaining control while profiting from a significant cost savings of software development and reduction of operation costs. The BotVN Team focuses on driving innovation, operational excellence and emphasizes on implementing high quality solutions, enabling our customers to focus on theirs. We have experienced, well-managed, and top IT talent, to deliver first class outsourcing services to our clients around the globe. We deliver results that exceeds your expectations.


software marketing

IT outsourcing services benefits:

–   Transparency and visibility on projects
–   Accelerated time to market
–   Predictable IT Costs
–   Philosophy of long term relationships
–   Reduced Operational cost
–   Flexible Delivery Options

Off-Shore/On-Site/Hybrid: Custom solutions meeting your organizations needs-End-2-End Business
Outsourcing Services

–   Mobile development (iOS, Android, Windows Phone 7, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, J2ME);
–   Porting to another OS
–   Web & Open Source development (Drupal, Symfony, Magento, HTML5, Perl, Ruby, Python);
–   Services in .NET, Java, C++, C# development

The quality of the product is the difference between success and failure. To ensure the success of the product, proper QA strategies and planning must be factor into the project. Lack of emphasis on QA could increase risks, potentially have a loss of product value and overall customer dissatisfaction. We eliminate these risks by helping you improve your ongoing QA.
The BotVN Team has years of experience in providing quality assurance and testing specialized expertise in the following:

–   Develop and generate test plans
–   Test end-to-end application and software product
–   Provide both manual as well as test automation services and scripts
–   Ability to handle open source technologies as well as commercial tools
–   Expertise in using a wide range of tools for defect tracking, automation and test management

Our areas of expertise include:

–   Web solutions with enterprise applications
–   Mobile applications
–   Desktop applications
–   System applications

The BotVN Team provides its clients with both GUI (Graphical User Interface) testing and functionality testing. Software testing focuses primarily on evaluating or assessing product quality. The software testing goes through a series of testing milestones:

–   Unit testing – Software verification of a particular component/unit code
–   Integration testing Verification of the communications between components operate properly.    This is based on test plan generated.
–   System testing – Software verification for end- to-end functioning elements
–   Acceptance testing – Software verification used by end users
–   Regression Testing– Verifying that newly added changes do not have a harmful impact on the functionality of the overall system
–   Load/Performance Testing – We identify single point of failure, forecast scalability, recommend thresholds verify response time, memory and CPU
–   Compatibility Testing – We verify compatibility of application across combinations of Internet browsers, desktop operating systems version, and mobile OS versions.


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