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.NET Web Programming Course

Course Objectives


Provide students with the knowledge and skills needed for programming on Visual Studio .NET 2013 environment
Equip students with the knowledge and experience to build a complete website for businesses with the aim to introduce products, ecommerce, news … with friendly web interface, modern, compatible with any browser and displayed on any device (responsive) and content on the website is completely easy to be updated through the system administrator is confidential.
Help students become familiar with the working environment in the software company

Certification / diploma


Students scoring at the end of course results will be certified “.Net Programmer”


Who will join the course

Students have basic knowledge of programming
Student IT department in the universities, colleges

Time / tuition

Time: 3 to 6 months, 3 x 2 hour sessions / week
Total hours: 120 hours, learning directly in the machine room
Tuition (with exemptions regime of each key, see detail in Schedule)



Overview of .NET programming
The base controller (interface)
Object-oriented programming (OOP)
Inheritance (inheritance) and polymorphism (polymorphism) of class
Delegates, Events
Generic Collections and Collections
Use the Web Service
Overview of SQL Server
Overview EF
Manipulating data with EF
Overview WCF
Construction WCF service
Deploy WCF service
Develop web applications exploiting WCF service
Using Bootstrap website design
Construction layout for the website
Designing User Controls
The control test data
The data link control
Application, Session, Cookie
Complete & ASP.Net web application deployment
ASP.Net MVC Overview
HTML Helper
Data Annotation & Validation
ASP Membership
MVC Web Application Deployment

The benefits you get through the course

Students will be able to:

Applies good application development process while performing website
Using Bootstrap website design capable of high user interaction, compatible with all browsers and display on any device
Applying technology EF & WCF Web service 5 to build and exploit data
Build and deploy Web applications with ASP.Net and ASP.Net MVC 5.0
Using the techniques and technologies when building a website Jquery
Working group
Effective Time Management
Programming style, thinking


For further information please contact

Mr Vu: 0967.783.497
Mr Sun: 0936.156.031


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