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Ccourse programming on the phone with IOS


             The course helps students to master knowledge and skills iOS can develop iOS applications for iPhone and iPAD.



Technology iOS (iPod Touch, iPhone & iPad), Apple is one of the technology platform on smartphoners and most popular tablets today with hundreds of millions of devices worldwide were installed in use. Moreover, any developer can do software development on the iOS and distribution technologies to the global marketplace quickly and easily via the Apple AppStore system. Therefore, construction and business and gaming applications on the iOS market has also become a very exciting and lucrative, and also create a tremendous amount of work opportunities for individuals passionate leader programming or business sector on the Apple iOS platform.

Based on materials provided by BOTVN with the active support of the faculty, this course will help you get students very basic knowledge to develop into a professional programmer iOS. After the end of the official school time, students will have an extra 30 days to review learning by doing tests and projects.

Students can get free and sent home if pass certification tests and perform complete final projects by instructor.



Part 1: Introduction and install

1. Introduction ios, Xcode and installed

2. Debugging in XCode

3. NSLog

4. Create a program first on iOS: Hello World

5. Introduction to Virtual Machine iOS, data access mayao

6. Memory management in IOS

7. The App Life Cycle

Part 2: Designing a user interface

1. MVC

2. Design Applied Singleview With UIButton, UITextField, UILabel, UIAlertView

3. Interface Builder, Header and ImplementationFiles

4. Use Storyboards to Design User Interface

5. Storyboard Comparison and Interface Builder

 Part 3: UIView and UIControl

1. Interface design using UIView: UIImageView, UITextView, UIWebView,

2. Design user interface UiControl: UISwitch, UISegmentedControl, UISlider, UIStepper

3. Autolayout

4. Distinguish the type of iPhone in design

5. Interface Design for iPad

6. Universal interface design runs on both iPhone iPadva

 Part 4: iOS – Actions and Outlets

1. Introduction

2. IBAction

3. IBOutlet

4. IBOutletCollection

5. Delegate and Target-Action Controls

 Part 5: UIView and UIViewController

1. Overview of the Controller type

2. UIViewController

3. UINavigationController

4. UITabBarController

5. Combine TabBar and navigation

Part 6: Using UITableView and UITableViewController

1. UITableView

2. UITableViewDataSource

3. UITable ViewController

Images printed 4. Tables

5. Adding an Image

6. Selecting Rows

7. Customizing a Table Cell

Section 7: Using SQLite iOS Apps to Manage Data Printing

1. Adding a SQLite Database

2. Inserting, Updating, and Deleting Records

3. Note Code Demo Apps

Part 8: Multimedia

1. Multimedia in iOS

2. Views with DB

3. Audio Management

4. Video in IOS

5. Code music player Demo Apps



1) After completing the course, participants will have the knowledge and skills to be able to implement or apply in practice the course content.
2) BOTVN committed to answer and address any questions or require support students studying for 24 hours.
3) Students are supported not only during school but after completing their education.
4) Students will be prioritized invited specialized workshops and career counseling by BOTVN held periodically.



BOTVN’s online training system 100%. You can register and learn whenever you want.



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