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Java programming course


Course Objectives


Providing students with the basic knowledge to enhance and skills necessary for Java programmers to build these types of applications.
Equipping students with the experience and technical depth to manipulate build complete applications object oriented, diversified express interfaces and complex processing requires coordination between multiple city section.
Guide students how to design web interface friendly, modern, compatible with all browsers and display on any device (responsive) when building a website.
Train programming style and skills of teamwork … Helping students get familiar with the working environment at the software company.
Certification / diploma

Students scoring at the end of course results will be certified “JAVA Programmer”


Who will join the course

Students have basic knowledge of programming
Student IT department in the universities, colleges

Time / tuition

Time: 3 to 6 months, 3 x 2 hour sessions / 1 week
Total hours: 120 hours
Tuition (with exemptions regime of each key, see detail in Schedule)



Overview of the Java programming language, application development environment
The base data type
Design and Interface Processor
Retrieve Files
Arrays and array operations
Object-oriented programming
Using the service – network
Collection and Generic
Grade-level cage Inner Class
Working with XML
Retrieve Database
Design Pattern – build effective structures for applications
Introduction J2EE – distributed application development, multi-tier architecture
Web protocols: Network, HTTP, HTML
Servlet – direct transfer of Web services to browser
Using Bootstrap website design
JSP – Java Server Page
MVC (Model – View – Controller)
Applications with JSP and MVC pattern Servlet
Spring MVC Model
Persist and Hibernate Java model
Model EJB – Enterprise JavaBeans
Session Bean
Message Driven Bean
Entity Beans
Java Persistence Query Language (JPQL)
Integration of plugins (Facebook, Google, Twitter …) on the website.
Built-in Web page editor
Security in EJB
Maintenance website
Deploy website on servers such as Tomcat applications EJB, JBoss …


Software used
Windows 7.0
Eclipse (plugin Windowbuilder Pro)

The benefits you get through the course

After completing the course, students will be able to:
Applies good application development process while deploying various kinds of applications
Using Design Pattern to create good structures for applications.
Using Bootstrap website design with interactive capabilities, compatible with all browsers and display on any device.
Develop and deploy applications with J2SE Win; Web applications with J2EE, Servlet and MVC, MVC Spring
Application of EJB technology, EJB Tomcat, JBoss …
Teamwork, time management efficiency
Programming style, thinking 


For further information please contact

Mr Vu: 0967.783.497
Mr Sun: 0936.156.031




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